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6 Compelling Reasons to Be a SureCart Affiliate!

SureCart is THE ONLY solution that offers a whopping 30% commission rate for the first 36 months of partnership.

Become a member of an awesome community. Feel the thrill of promoting the most modern eCommerce platform for WordPress to date

A cookie life of 60 days makes sure that your efforts are rewarded.

Trusted and Loved by users. Lower refund requests make sure that you don’t lose commission.

Real-time Tracking. Track referrals in real-time through the Affiliate dashboard.

Earn passive income for years. Make over $5K / month as an additional earning as one of our leading affiliates.

If This Is You We Want You to Join 🦸


Love writing about eCommerce and WordPress? Join us.


If people view you as a role model, we’d love to work with you.


If you run a Youtube channel, reach out for our partnership program.

Agency Owner

Improve your productivity while making extra income with our affiliate program.

Tech Reviewer

Review of awesome tech products, themes, and platforms is your jam? Jam with us.


All seasoned marketers are welcome aboard. We’d love to connect.


Enjoy teaching topics related to eCommerce? We would love for you to join our program.

Community Contributor

We work closely with contributors in Facebook groups, forums, WordCamps, meetups, etc.

Surecart Is a Sure Way of Increasing Your Passive Income!

Are You Ready to Earn That Extra Money with Less Effort?

Become a Member of Sure Family

And We Will Give You All the Assets You Need to Succeed

Real-Time Tracking

Track the data you need with our affiliate panel. Get insights on your campaigns, affiliate links, campaigns and conversions in real time.

Affiliate Dashboard: Keep track of your monthly revenue with an affiliate dashboard that provides detailed info on each referral.

In-Depth Analytics:   No visit will go by you unnoticed. Get all the info on each and every visit, purchased products, the referring source and the commission earned for those referrals.

Affiliate LinksYou can create unique affiliate links, and campaigns and see the conversion and optimize further.

Brand Assets & Guidance

Get a complete brand kit along with expert insights to make sure that you nail your promotions.

Images & Banners: Get everything from product banners to logos, icons and all the brand info you need in our awesome marketing kit.

Swipe Copies:  Don’t like crafting copy and social media posts? Get the finest templates and ready-made content for social media, email campaigns and marketing collateral that drives conversions.

Expert Advice: Our marketing team consists of experts led by a dedicated affiliate manager that will give you conversion tips and discuss all partnership ideas that can help you scale. 

How Much Can You Earn PER MONTH?

Our pro plan sells at $399 and by referring those clients you make $119.7 monthly recurring revenue. Your earning increases with your reach each month.

This is your Monthly Recurring Revenue Calculator:

10 Referrals X $119.7 = $1,197 MRR
20 Referrals X $119.7 = $2,394 MRR
50 Referrals X $119.7 = $5,985 MRR
100 Referrals X $119.7 = $11,970 MRR

MRR = Monthly Recurring Revenue. Can’t get any sweeter than that!

It’s a Win-Win for Everyone! 🎉

You get a commission, your audience gets an A+ product, and we get a sale. We are happy when we grow together🙂

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